How to Prioritize Essential Self-Care during Difficult Times

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What’s essential for your health and well-being? And how can you make those things more of a priority in your day-to-day life? If you’d like to take better care of yourself, especially during difficult times, begin by brainstorming a list of the self-care activities that are especially important for your health and well-being, no matter the circumstances. What activities come to mind, and what benefits do they provide? Keeping the benefits in mind provides powerful fuel for consistently prioritizing self-care. When your list of self-care activities feels complete, circle those [...]

Six Simple Questions for Replenishing Joy

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When my clients express a desire to experience more joy in their day-to-day lives, I invite them to get curious by asking a few simple questions. The first is usually some form of  – What brings you joy? And often, even before they speak, their faces light up in response. So now, I ask you –           What brings you joy? And how might you invite more of that into your day-to-day life? Take as long as you like to explore these questions – journaling, drawing, [...]

Prioritizing Sleep for a Better Life

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Would you like to get more and better sleep? What difference would it make? Would you feel more alert? Have more energy? Enjoy life more overall?     According to Mayo Clinic, “Getting at least seven hours of quality rest each night is essential for optimal health.” And, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Not getting enough sleep is linked to numerous chronic diseases and conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.” If you would like to improve your life and reduce your risks of getting certain [...]

Focus on the Foods that Nourish and Energize You

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When you feel like you are eating out of control in the quantity and/or quality of food you consume, you may feel the impulse to make dramatic changes to your diet ASAP. And while, at first glance, that may feel like the way to go, the reality is that it’s almost always a sure-fire recipe for turning those celery sticks into a boatload of brownie bites in nothing flat. What if, instead, you focus for the next week or two on increasing the quantity of the delicious, healthy foods you [...]

Brain Breaks: A Powerful Addition to Your Self-Care Toolkit

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Sometimes, when we’re facing significant concerns or worries, we become so consumed by them that we find ourselves in desperate need of a mental break. At times like this, we may end up defaulting to activities that are ultimately not very satisfying or replenishing, such as scrolling through our social media feeds or playing video games much longer than we intended.  Often, mental breaks such as these do not necessarily refresh or recharge us for coming back to effectively dealing with our problems. In fact, they may sometimes leave us [...]

Eating Slowly: A Tool for Eating Less and Enjoying It More

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With some conscious effort and a bit of practice, you can probably slow the pace of your eating tremendously and, as a result, likely enjoy your food more while consuming less. According to research published in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), people who eat more slowly tend to weigh less. So, what would eating more slowly and enjoying your food more look like for you? Is it a matter of pausing to be fully present with your food - seeing and smelling it before digging in? What else [...]

Prioritizing Sleep for a Better Life

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Would you like to get more and better sleep? What difference would it make? Would you feel more alert? Have more energy? Enjoy life more overall?     According to Mayo Clinic, “Getting at least seven [...]