When my clients express a desire to experience more joy in their day-to-day lives, I invite them to get curious by asking a few simple questions. The first is usually some form of  – What brings you joy? And often, even before they speak, their faces light up in response. So now, I ask you –

          What brings you joy? And how might you invite more of that into your day-to-day life?

Take as long as you like to explore these questions – journaling, drawing, and meditating on them, maybe even over days. If you ask yourself questions like these, answers will come, along with the inspiration to act on those answers.

Another fun question is this –

          What simple pleasures bring you joy?

Clients love this question because it’s a reminder that we can do small things to weave joy into our day-to-day lives. What comes to mind for you? Perhaps it’s as simple as dancing to an energizing pop song (something like “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys) before you transition to your workday. Or maybe turning the lights down and lighting a candle at the dinner table. Or what about crawling into bed early tonight with a novel you’ve been dying to read? It’s entirely up to you.

One last bundle of questions to think about as you explore the possibilities for replenishing your joy –

          What activities bring you joy?

          What activities did you enjoy as a child that you might like to take up again?

          And what activities have you always wanted to try and maybe now is the time?

Have fun exploring these and other similar questions, and you will soon create a personalized formula for replenishing joy in your day-to-day life. If you are interested, consider creating a Joy List or Joyful Toolkit in your smartphone notes app or wherever makes sense for you, including the various things that bring you joy and adding to them over time. You can tap into this list whenever you need a little inspiration. Getting curious about what brings you joy is sure to bring you more.