My work as a coach grew out of a lifelong passion for health and wellness, as well as a deep desire to help others make the most of their own health and well-being. Committed to providing my clients the very best, I trained to become a health & wellness coach at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Driven by intellectual curiosity and my desire to continually help my clients, I also engage with and study the latest research and thinking in the field of health & wellness. My coaching practice is enriched by my background as a CPA, corporate controller, educator, writer, speaker, and mother of five. 

My goal as a health & wellness coach is to provide you with an oasis of calm where you can pause and reflect on yourself and your well-being. During each coaching session, I seek to foster a mindset that promotes positive behavioral change and supports your personal health and wellness goals. Recognizing that each individual has different desires and challenges, I adapt my approach to accommodate your specific needs. 

As a practicing health & wellness coach, I strive to live by example by attending to my own well-being. As a cancer survivor and one who has navigated some other significant personal setbacks, I know well the difference good self-care can make. One aspect of my life that constantly nourishes and energizes me is my relationships with family and friends, especially those with my husband and children. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to find me participating in the following activities:

  • reading and studying
  • practicing my faith 
  • traveling
  • attending cultural arts events
  • writing for pleasure and publication  
  • meditating and practicing yoga
  • walking
  • running
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • dancing
  • weight-lifting