Health & wellness coaching is a powerful and personalized process designed to help you truly realize your dreams and desires surrounding your health and well-being. Coaching sessions provide you with a regular time and place to prioritize your self-care, while receiving support, guidance and encouragement for making positive changes. During each session, we engage in energizing, thought-provoking and creative conversation focused on making the most of your personal wellness. 

As your coach, I facilitate the positive change process as we explore your strengths, values and desires. Together, we’ll envision the possibilities and benefits of living your best life and create personalized action plans using SMART Goals. Along the way, you’ll receive constructive follow-up as you work to achieve your goals and celebrate your successes. The entire process is designed around Mayo Clinic’s proven framework for fostering health and wellness through coaching.

As a Mayo Clinic trained and certified coach, I bring numerous research-proven strategies that support you in prioritizing and sustaining positive behavioral changes. Throughout our sessions, I act as a sounding-board, providing fresh outside perspective and honest, supportive feedback to facilitate your flourishing. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I’m also able to adapt my sessions and approaches to meet the needs of couples and groups.