“I’m impressed with Debra’s demeanor as a Health & Wellness Coach. She has an authentic and supportive approach.”

Vicki W.

“Debra is an absolutely amazing wellness coach. Every week I can rely on her to be on time, respectful, and diligent in our sessions. She really takes the time to listen to what her clients need and gives the opportunity to move forward in a direction that you think is best for yourself. The meetings are very introspective and it’s in looking inwards that you start to notice both what needs to be fixed and how to fix it. Debra helps you dig into yourself gently without ever feeling like she’s prying. When she does give advice it is backed up with research and her Mayo Clinic training, she’s clearly done her homework and now wants to help people become their best selves. She has been the best advocate and motivator in making and keeping goals.

“Every session is met with an energy of positivity. Even when I didn’t make my goals for that week, I’m never made to feel guilty.  Instead, we just discuss if it’s still a goal I want to achieve and, only if I say yes, we continue on and find strategies and tools that will help moving forward. She really helps you to focus on the positive qualities that you already have, and focusing on those, helps you to move forward happily in the areas that you might feel like you’re lacking. This is a woman who has found her calling in life, and is passionate about helping people to improve in whatever ways they want.”

Bailey E.

“Working with Debra has given me the time and space to prioritize my well-being. Debra is great at listening and our sessions are a great help. Talking with her has helped me to focus on what I want for my health and well-being and to feel excited and energized about my life. Our coaching sessions provide me with the support, guidance, and motivation I need to realize my health and wellness goals. I realized in these sessions that there is a lot more to health and wellness than one may think from the name. Debra helped me to see that health and wellness has a lot to do with the way we feel and think about ourselves. Debra asked thought-provoking questions that helped me to see what I want in my life and what will help me to be a healthy person. She sometimes suggested things but overall allowed me to come to my own conclusions through the questions she asked. This was the right thing for me and where I am in my life.”

Terry B.

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when my daughter encouraged me to consider working with a wellness coach. As it turns out, coaching sessions with Debra have made all the difference for me. She gets you thinking about the changes you need to make and the process for making those changes. She helped me to implement the habits and routines that help me to feel good. Working with Debra was just the nudge I needed. And it wasn’t that hard. I feel so much better. In fact, 100% better.”

Frank T.

“Coaching sessions with Debra have helped me to look more closely at what my health and fitness goals are and what things are hindering my progress. Emphasizing the positive things that I’m already doing and only focusing on one or two areas of potential improvement, we’ve implemented small, but realistic goals so that I can improve in a sustainable, long-term way. Her advice, support, and the accountability I feel to our plan has been a huge motivation for me. In a short period of time, I’ve seen positive changes. I highly recommend her coaching. Thanks Debra for your support and the work you’re doing!”

Amber L.

“I recommend Debra Woods as a health and wellness coach because she helps you to take charge of your health and wellness. She starts with you where you are and helps you to discover and focus on what you want to do to improve your health. She guides you through the process of developing a personal wellness plan by asking thought-provoking questions. She is not pushy but allows you to determine what you want to do to improve your health. One thing that makes her an excellent coach is that she cheers you on in your successes and reminds you of how you have improved. Debra helps you figure out the goals you want to set for your health and how you can achieve them. She helps you determine what might get in your way of being successful and helps you come up with a plan to successfully accomplish your goals. She gives you someone to be accountable to for improving your health with positive feedback.”

Marie S.

“Talking with Debra has allowed me to start letting go of guilt of not doing what I know I should and have not done. By helping me find and do the first little baby steps in my goals and desires, she has helped me to become proactive about improving myself. Working with her has helped me stay focused on my goals and reduced my procrastination. Thank you, Debra.”

Mackenzie E.

As a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, I will work with you to develop behaviors, habits, and strategies for creating positive and sustainable changes in your health and wellness.