Brain Breaks: A Powerful Addition to Your Self-Care Toolkit

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Sometimes, when we’re facing significant concerns or worries, we become so consumed by them that we find ourselves in desperate need of a mental break. At times like this, we may end up defaulting to activities that are ultimately not very satisfying or replenishing, such as scrolling through our social media feeds or playing video games much longer than we intended.  Often, mental breaks such as these do not necessarily refresh or recharge us for coming back to effectively dealing with our problems. In fact, they may sometimes leave us [...]

Eating Slowly: A Tool for Eating Less and Enjoying It More

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With some conscious effort and a bit of practice, you can probably slow the pace of your eating tremendously and, as a result, likely enjoy your food more while consuming less. According to research published in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), people who eat more slowly tend to weigh less. So, what would eating more slowly and enjoying your food more look like for you? Is it a matter of pausing to be fully present with your food - seeing and smelling it before digging in? What else [...]

Self-Care Check-Ins: An Important Key for Navigating Difficult Times

By |March 27th, 2020|Health & Wellness, meditation, mindfulness, Renewal, Self-Care, Self-Help, Well-being, Wellness|

I want to invite you to take a time out from everything that’s going on in the world right now to catch your breath, and to give your self-care and well-being focused consideration. On the one hand, you may be thinking, “Focusing on self-care feels so frivolous right now,” and on the other hand, practicing good self-care is key to navigating challenging times as well as possible.  So, let’s begin with a few deep, relaxing breaths. I invite you to breathe in through your nose a slow, deep, and replenishing breath...and [...]

Taking Inspiration from a Time When You Felt Replenished

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Think of a time when you felt tremendously replenished by an activity or experience. What was the activity or experience, and why was it so replenishing?   I find myself thinking of a family vacation in the Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming, especially the afternoon we spent in an isolated mountain meadow surrounded by numerous mountains and overlooking a fast-moving stream fed by snowmelt. It was midsummer, and the landscape was a vibrant green, the sky a sunlit and glorious blue dotted with big, puffy white clouds. I felt like [...]

If You Love to Eat, Here Are a Few Questions to Inspire You

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I love to eat. And I suspect you might enjoy eating as well.    With that said, have you ever thought about changing your diet for the better? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes, of course. If you think about that you’d like to change your diet for the better...what comes to mind?  Maybe you want to eat fewer sweets? More fruits and vegetables? Or perhaps less snacking at night?  Whatever changes you’d like to make, I’m curious - why do you want to make those changes?   [...]

Ready for a Nature Boost?

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What are your favorite memories of being out in nature? Perhaps you've experienced a sunset at the Grand Canyon, the stunning vista aglow in the red-orange light. Or maybe, like me, some of your best memories are closer to home. My family and I enjoy late summer evening walks through our neighborhood greenbelt, the fireflies flickering like thousands of tiny fairies lighting up the woods. Whatever your specific memories are, I imagine you return from your time in nature feeling renewed. Perhaps that renewal brings with it greater energy, as [...]

Ready for a Nature Boost?

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What are your favorite memories of being out in nature? Perhaps you've experienced a sunset at the Grand Canyon, the stunning vista aglow in the red-orange light. Or maybe, like me, some of your best [...]