What are your favorite memories of being out in nature? Perhaps you’ve experienced a sunset at the Grand Canyon, the stunning vista aglow in the red-orange light. Or maybe, like me, some of your best memories are closer to home. My family and I enjoy late summer evening walks through our neighborhood greenbelt, the fireflies flickering like thousands of tiny fairies lighting up the woods.

Whatever your specific memories are, I imagine you return from your time in nature feeling renewed. Perhaps that renewal brings with it greater energy, as well as a sense of contentment and peace.  

With all of this said, do you spend as much time in nature as you’d like? And what might be the benefits of more time in the out-of-doors? According to researchers at Stanford University, the benefits of spending time in nature are immense, including improving one’s mood and acting as a buffer against depression.

If you’re curious about what more time in nature could do for you, make it a priority and create a plan. Maybe you’d enjoy a hike at a state park or, if feasible, something more exotic like a trek along the Kalalau Trail on Kauai.

If you’re interested in a more immediate boost from nature, consider one small action you can take this week. It can be something as simple as putting on your walking shoes and heading out into your neighborhood or to a nearby park. Wherever you choose to go, you’re sure to find that nature’s life-boosting gifts are there waiting for you.