Do you ever find yourself thinking of exercise as a chore? Maybe your thoughts run something like this – “I really should go jogging after work (even though I don’t even like jogging).” Regular exercise is important for good health, but when we choose activities that feel more like chores than fun, it’s difficult to sustain doing them over time.

So, what if instead of approaching exercise as something we dread doing but have to do, we approach it with the mindset of finding and doing things we love? Our family loves dancing, so we have family dances. At home. Seriously! We move the furniture, break out the disco light, pick a DJ, and everyone gets down, including Mom and Dad.

My clients, in looking for fun opportunities to move, have taken up a variety of activities. One, a retiree, looked to his childhood for possibilities and took up archery again. And another is taking long walks with friends and family, talking and laughing while logging the miles.

I could suggest a number of activities that might be a match for you, but more importantly, I’d like to hear your thoughts – What would you like to do for exercise that’s fun? And when would you like to begin?