I love finding out why people choose to do the work they do, so when someone asks me, “Why did you become a health and wellness coach?” I get it. I am a health and wellness coach for numerous reasons, and here are a few:

  1. I want to support individuals in creating their most vibrant and satisfying lives. And I don’t mean vibrant and satisfying in the abstract sense but rather in specific and rich details. In my experience, being a health and wellness coach is one of the best ways to provide such support.
  2. I want to empower individuals to prioritize their self-care as never before. I have experienced for myself what a difference good self-care can make. And I have seen it with my clients as well. It can make a powerful difference when it comes to feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally, and living our best lives. And yet, the world we live in isn’t always very supportive of prioritizing self-care. Wellness coaching sessions can serve as a permission slip to prioritize self-care and the vehicle for doing so. Many of my clients have talked about how they have long intended to take better care of themselves, but until we started our sessions, they hadn’t carved out the time to actually do so. Once we collaborate on a solid plan for self-care, and they begin to put it into action, they experience for themselves the difference excellent self-care can make. And they are hooked.
  3. I want to help clients improve their health. Prior to becoming a wellness coach, I lost too many people I love to preventable disease. They were intelligent individuals who knew what changes they needed to make for their health, but they couldn’t harness the willpower and resources necessary to actually make those changes. Change is hard, even if there are compelling reasons to make a change. My training in the psychology of behavior change gives me powerful skills and strategies for supporting clients in making desired changes. It’s been incredibly satisfying to see clients make changes they’ve longed to make for years.
  4. I’m passionate about health and wellness. I’m pretty sure my passion began in the 4th grade when I ran the half-mile race on track and field day. I came in 3rd out of 4 and felt like a winner because I had done something hard that made me feel good. That experience launched my life-long interest in running but also in trying to figure out what I (and others) need to feel good and live our most satisfying, energetic lives. To put some serious muscle behind my passion, I trained at Mayo Clinic and make an ongoing study of the latest research on fostering health and wellness. My goal is always to be the best possible support for others as they seek to maximize their health and well-being.
  5. I love people, so I love engaging with individuals, couples, families, and groups in conversations that facilitate their flourishing. To make the most of those conversations, I harness my training and experience to help clients super-focus on and achieve their dreams and desires for their health and well-being. It’s been amazing to see how our focused, intentional conversations spark positive forward movement in their lives long beyond the time of the conversations themselves.