Think of a time when you felt tremendously replenished by an activity or experience. What was the activity or experience, and why was it so replenishing?  

I find myself thinking of a family vacation in the Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming, especially the afternoon we spent in an isolated mountain meadow surrounded by numerous mountains and overlooking a fast-moving stream fed by snowmelt. It was midsummer, and the landscape was a vibrant green, the sky a sunlit and glorious blue dotted with big, puffy white clouds. I felt like I was living the opening scene of “The Sound of Music,” where Julie Andrews sings, “The Hills are Alive.” I’m pretty sure that, at some point, I broke into song. 

What was so refreshing about that afternoon? Everything – breathing in the fresh air while taking in the stunning view with my family, smiling, laughing, and soaking it all in together. We had no internet service and no cell phone reception, so we were completely and refreshingly unplugged.

Do I want more of that? Yes. Absolutely. 

As you think of the replenishing activity or experience you have recalled, is it something you would like more of in the future? And if your ­activity or experience isn’t something you can easily do in your day-to-day life, is there a way you can weave more of the replenishing aspects of it into your daily life? 

While I do not travel to the Big Horn Mountains very often, the lovely wooded greenbelt in my neighborhood beckons more often than I answer. And I remind myself that, just as I return from the mountains feeling replenished, every time I take a walk, I come back feeling better. 

So, inspired by my time in the mountains and the possibilities closer to home, I’m going to take more leisurely walks with my husband and children, where together we’ll take in the oak trees and the meandering creek, as well as the wildlife, especially the birds and squirrels. I’ll leave my phone at home, a sure-fire recipe for being more present with those I love most. I can see it now –  the physical movement energizing my mind and body, and the stress falling away more and more as we make our way down the sunlit, tree-lined path together. 

With all of this said, what might you do to create a more replenishing day-to-day life? Consider the possibilities. Make a plan. And put it into action. When you do, I’d love to hear.