Imagine that by waving a magic wand you can realize your greatest possible level of health and wellness. How would you look and feel? 

If you shared with me that you would feel more energetic, I would invite you to tell me more. Tell me about a time in your life when you felt an abundance of energy. What was that like? What would having more energy now feel like? And how might having more energy impact your day-to-day life?

In a similar fashion, I would invite you to explore in more detail your various desires for your health and well-being, encouraging you to create the most vivid picture possible of what you want for yourself. Health and Wellness Coaches often call this picture a wellness vision which, according to Mayo Clinic, is “a compelling statement that describes you as your best-self. It defines what you truly desire and how you live when you’re at your best.”  

Creating a wellness vision, especially in written form, can be energizing, instilling hope and a powerful belief in the positive possibilities for your future. It can also serve as a powerful tool to help you envision the way forward to your target and motivate you to take the necessary steps for getting there.  

Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try, and discover for yourself the benefits that come from creating a detailed vision of you at your best. As you do this, you might just find the inspiration you need to begin transforming your desires for your health and well-being into a vibrant and satisfying reality!