I love to eat. And I suspect you might enjoy eating as well.   

With that said, have you ever thought about changing your diet for the better? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes, of course. If you think about that now…how you’d like to change your diet for the better…what comes to mind?  Maybe you want to eat fewer sweets? More fruits and vegetables? Or perhaps less snacking at night? 

Whatever changes you’d like to make, I’m curious – why do you want to make those changes?  

Perhaps it’s that you want to lose weight, or…improve your health. Both worthy goals to be sure, but according to research, not especially motivating for sticking with a particular way of eating today, much less tomorrow, or the next day. Maybe you’ve experienced this for yourself. 

So, I want to invite you to reframe your dietary goals with a different, perhaps more compelling, question in mind – What gift or reward would you like to give yourself today by the way you eat today? 

Ah, now a question like that can change everything. We aren’t talking about a reward somewhere down the road for eating better today, something that likely feels abstract and frankly not very relevant. Rather, we are talking about a reward today for eating better today. 

Maybe it’s that you want to energize your mind and body by eating the nutritious foods that give you energy. Or, perhaps you want to slow down during meals to really taste and savor your food, probably eating less in the process and enjoying it more. 

Here’s the fun part in all of this – if we will pause each day to ask ourselves the question – What gift or reward would I like to give myself today by the way I eat today? – and then act on the answer, the longer-term goal, such as losing weight, will very likely take care of itself.